WCHS Hosts the Charter Fair

WCHS was thrilled to collaborate with the New York City Charter School Center to host it's annual Fair for Brooklyn and Queens. Over 800 attendees surveyed a variety of school options, taking the opportunity to engage with representatives and evaluate their choices. The Fair also featured local radio stations WBLS and La Mega who were crucial in promoting the event as well as providing entertainment throughout. The Fair exemplified the strong sense of community among charter schools across the city, and how important school choice is to parents and students. WCHS is always grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Charter Center, and appreciates the chance to host such an important annual event.

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Williamsburg Walks

Music Fest News caught WCHS in the action this past Saturday as a part of Northside Festival and Williamsburg Walks.

Upon noticing the group, author Alexa Paradis wrote:

"The piece they were working on spoke volumes, especially in light of the horrific Orlando shootings that happened merely hours before they began painting. When I spoke to Kayson, a student working on the mural, he told me, 'The painting was meant to represent the individual as a whole and the sudden realization that the world is in shambles. With the recent tragedy in Orlando, it has come to our attention that what we were trying to portray was already in effect, and I think we stood out because of that.'

The wall has a powerful image and message, and I learned they came up with the concept all on their own. When I spoke with their teachers I was curious to know how they thought their students being involved with Williamsburg Walks has affected their view of the flourishing art community around the school. Their teacher, Angela Rogan, had a great response: 'I think our students involvement in WW allows them to see outside of their daily routines and to what else is happening in neighboring communities, see how they (other communities) are doing street fairs and festivals. It also affords the students to be taken seriously as an artist and to interact with other artists, the community and patrons in a way that many young adults haven’t had experience with.” Both the students and teachers of this school impressed not only me but nearly everyone who was walking by as well, and I hope to see them back at Northside next year."

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Slam! Sayeth the Poets

The 4th annual English Department Poetry Slam at WCHS featured a variety of impressive and inspiring student performances -- discussing everything from the meaning of life and love, to challenging the status quo through words and lyrics. There were even guest performances from our own Mr. Failla and Mr. Dilworth! We could not have hoped for a better turnout, and the students who wrote and performed their poetry truly showcased the remarkable creativity, empathy, and talent that Charter has to offer.

In A Perfect World

WCHS got a sneak peak at the documentary, "In A Perfect World." A huge thank you to Daphne McWilliams and Sean Grover for coming to WCHS to share the "In a Perfect World" documentary with students, staff, and parents.

The film follows the sons of single mothers who discuss the impacts growing up without a father had on their lives. Following the showing, Ms. McWilliams and Mr. Grover hosted an engaging conversation with our students about parenting, struggle, and perseverance. This is a powerful documentary worth watching, and you too can watch it on Showtime on Sunday, June 15, 2016 at 8pm.

Check out this Showtime page for more details.
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Mercy College Scholar

Senior Nathalie Delgado will be attending Mercy College in Manhattan this fall on a full scholarship. Ms. Delgado is an inaugural participant in the Mercy Scholars Program, which is awarded to students who show determination and perseverance in the face of challenges; an ability to set and remain focused on goals and to put in the effort needed to meet those goals in the face of obstacles; an ability to organize and positively influence others in and out of school and purposeful and meaningful commitment to others. Over 500 applications were considered for this program.

With this opportunity, Ms. Delgado will be able to graduate without debt. Mercy College will cover all of her expenses including: tuition, books and required fees.

Senior Grade Director Matthew Hernandez says, "We couldn't be prouder of Nathalie. She's a class act. She did everything right. There's no doubt that she's going to be a superstar. "Director of College Guidance Amaryllis Valentin contributed, "I have seen Nathalie grow into a exceptional young lady throughout the years. Her hard work and dedication have set the bar for any and all expectations. She is truly an inspiration and will be an amazing teacher in the near future."

Ms. Delgado, who was inducted into the National Honors Society in January of 2015, said, "I struggled with school in middle school. It feels good to be back up here. It means the world to me that so many people have believed in me."

Ms. Delgado aspires to be a teacher for students with special needs and hopes to focus on behavioral studies. When asked what will make her an exceptional teacher, she responded, "My confidence."

Teachers As Leaders

Shout-out to Bryn Worrilow, Alissa Koerner, Martha Kelly, and Cheryl Fleming for participating in DOE's "Teachers are Leaders" program at NYC College of Technology. Their Leadership in Action projects helped WCHS to: encourage first year teachers to take on leadership roles, improve departmental communication, create opportunities for collaboration between the Arts and content areas, and improve how students are informed of elective offerings.

Choir Goes to Boston

Click below to visit the special blog about the WCHS Choir trip to Boston!


by Martha Kelly

Williamsburg Charter's improv team, Like A Good Neighbor, attended the NYC Teen Improv Festival hosted by the world-famous Upright Citizen's Brigade on February 25. Eighteen different high schools attended from the five boroughs with about 200 students in attendance. Our students worked for two months with a teaching artist from UCB and acting teacher, Martha Kelly, for a truly hilarious performance! A big round of applause to the following students for a job well done: Christopher Mejia, Belkis Sosa, Shanese Thompson, Diamond Bresil, Kayson Quezada, Raymond Diaz, Isaiah Seymour-Garvin, Gabriella Deen, Nicholas Solis, and Jason Maldonado.

Turkey Trot

WCHS Senior Paul Chillo won the Coney Island Sports Foundation 2015 Turkey Trot this past Saturday with an official time of 18:10! His next stop is the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships on November 28, 2015 at Van Cortlandt Park. Science teacher and coach Ryan Heyman was no slouch either, placing 14th with a time of 20:31. Approximately 325 people participated in the race. Congratulations to Paul and Mr. Heyman!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

by Nector Santiago

October 18th was a frigid day but an amazing day because we had a 80 members of Team Wolverine @ Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. We had 60 current students, 5 alumni, 2 staff members, and 13 family members participate with us. We walked 4 miles around Prospect Park and raised a total of $1444.25. The WCHS Steppers performed along the route.

Step Out / Walk to Stop Diabetes

On October 11, WCHS raised $356 to help end diabetes. 25 students and 8 family members were on hand for the walk, and they had beautiful weather and a great time. Included in the group were 15 National Honor Society students who volunteered throughout the event.

St. Jude's Walk/Run 2015

WCHS students and staff participated in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food. The school raised over $500 in donations as a participant at this event.

Performing Arts Leadership Retreat

by Mara Levi, Martha Kelly, Jennifer Parker-Sparks, and Typhani Harris

Nine Performing Arts leaders attended a day-long retreat that was designed to combine self-discovery, openness, trust-building, team-building, and leadership training so that these students can serve as leaders in our classes and throughout the school.

We began our day in Madison Square Park with team-building and trust-building exercises. Then we moved over to CAP21 Studios, a place where professional and amateur performers all over the city come to create art, and we focused on leadership styles, love languages, conflict resolution, and planning for our upcoming semesters.

Our students were thoughtful, hard-working, and so much fun - we are all so excited for the year to come!

The Bridge Program

by Kentia Coreus, Typhani Harris, and Errol Chase; photos by Darnell Pierre

It's been great to see our incoming freshmen engaged in learning, fun, and community before the official start of the school year!

The ELA sessions of the Bridge program invite students to practice skills in reading, writing, and grammar amidst a backdrop of technology, class competitions, and the embracing of Williamsburg Charter High School's culture and environment. Through the IXL program students participate in class competitions of grammar exercises. With the use of our laptops, students practice writing clear and concise paragraphs, peer editing each others work via the use of the comment feature, and engaging in internet safety and email etiquette. Finally, students familiarize themselves with the WCHS campus through a location scavenger hunt to prepare for the first day of school. Through letter writing, paragraph construction, group competitions, and peer interaction, students of the Bridge program will enter the fall semester prepared for all Williamsburg has to offer.

The purpose of the Bridge program in mathematics is to introduce students to our new common core material, the IXL program, and how to use the Cornell note-taking method. Students are being taught how to work individually as well as in groups. IXL is being used for DO NOW purposes; to warm students up for the lesson that awaits them; to identify and solve shortcomings in students' experience; to gather data on their strengths, areas of need, and commitment to learning; and to keep students engaged when they go home.

More information about IXL can be found here:


Students Paint Neighborhood Murals

Urinetown the Musical

Awesome Play, Awful Title!

The uber-talented students of Advanced Musical Theatre class sang, danced, and acted their hearts out May 29 and 30 for their production of Urinetown the Musical. The hilarious musical tells the story of a town with a water shortage so terrible that all of the citizens must pay to use the toilet. But when the poor of the city rise up against the rich, the rebellion reveals the true heroes and villains in this tale of love, honor, and, well...pee. Thanks to everyone who attended! Be sure to check out future productions- we promise they won't always be about toilets.

Charter's Got Talent

On May 1, 2015, The WCHS Student Life Department hosted the annual spring talent showcase that featured some of our school's most talented students. Students were able to express themselves through song and dance.

Quick Thinking Keeps Seniors Safe During Baltimore Riots

by Katie Manion

On Friday April, 24, 2015, a group of 78 Seniors and 10 chaperones left Varet Street for the annual Senior trip with visits to Washington D.C., Williamsburg, Virginia, and Baltimore, Maryland.

The bus’ first stop was the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. They explored the world's largest museum and research complex before leaving for Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Seniors spent Saturday at Kings Dominion, a 395-acre theme park located in Doswell, Virginia. Seniors tested their limits, trying out fear-inducing coaters such as the Intimidator 305 (pictured left), the fastest roller coaster on the east coast, and Flight of Fear, a ride that catapults you from 0 to 54 miles per hour in just four seconds! The high-speed twists and drops didn’t scare them off; the next day after a breakfast buffet the Seniors were back at it. The group of 88 ventured to Busch Gardens and had a great time braving even more wild rides.

The bus was scheduled to depart for the Baltimore Aquarium in the Inner Harbor at 9:30am, but rumors of violence in Baltimore forced them to think fast.

Eight days prior, 25-year-old Baltimore resident Freddie Gray passed away due to injuries sustained following a controversial arrest. His death sparked protests and riots throughout the city and by the end of the weekend had escalated to very dangerous heights.

A chaperone in constant contact with his brother in Baltimore confirmed the city was unsafe, especially with Mr. Gray’s upcoming funeral. After speaking with the Baltimore City Police and WCHS Principal Kathleen Gaffney, the trip leaders decided to skip Baltimore and return to Brooklyn until the bus driver unexpectedly volunteered another option. He offered to take the kids to the Pentagon City Mall located in Washington D.C. instead, adding, “They will like it even more!”

And they did. The Seniors stepped up to the plate and accepted the change without complaint. They spent the day shopping in the three-story, 170-store mall, savored some Chipotle, and made the best of an unpredictable situation.

Each student returned safely thanks to Principal Gaffney, ten chaperones, and the extremely thoughtful bus driver. And no fun was lost despite a change of plans!

Senior Wins NPRDP Scholarship

Congratulations to Andres Miranda, of the Class of 2015, who was included in a June 11th Daily News article as a winner of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade scholarship.

Click here to read the article.

Master of Performing Arts

Congratulations to WCHS teacher and department leader, Tamara Levi, who was chosen to attend a Master Class offered by The Academy for Teachers and led by Meredith Monk, the award-winning composer, singer, and director. This is a distinct and well-deserved honor; only 18 educators were selected out of many nominees. Participants become Fellows of The Academy for Teachers, joining a growing number of the city's strongest educators.

Performing with a Choir from Ireland

Two choirs from different continents came together to perform works from all parts of the globe on Friday, March 27th at Williamsburg Charter High School. WCHS hosted the a choir from Sandford Park High School in Dublin, Ireland. Each group performed a short program of songs including Girl From Ipanema, Mr. Sandman, At Last, and Son of a Preacher Man, as well as songs from South Africa and Brazil. Sandford Park's visit is part of a choir and debate tour that will have them performing throughout New York City; WCHS was thrilled to welcome Sandford students to perform a joint concert and to engage in an invaluable cultural exchange. At WCHS, we work to help our students become world citizens, and we hope that this exchange will become the beginning of a longstanding partnership with Sandford High School!

Latin Master

Press Release:

Stephan Dukofsky, Latin teacher at Williamsburg Charter High School, was inducted this year as a Fellow into The Academy for Teachers and selected to participate in a Master Class with Princeton classics professor Joshua Katz. This class was hosted by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

The Academy for Teachers Master Classes bring exceptional teachers together with leading intellectuals, scientists, and creative artists for a day of high-level instruction and inspiration. They are hosted by the city’s great institutions, which join The Academy in demonstrating that teachers deserve the time and attention of our culture’s best and brightest.

"Only 18 teachers are chosen for each Master Class," said Sam Swope, president of The Academy for Teachers. "Being selected is a well-deserved honor for both teacher and school."

Teachers invited to attend Master Classes exhibit passion for their subjects, creativity in their classrooms, and devotion to their students. Educators often describe Master Classes as one of the highlights of their careers. Mr. Dukofsky was inspired and impressed by the other teachers in his class. He further commented, "I enjoyed how we were honored ... It instilled a sense of pride."

The Williamsburg Charter High School Latin Department boasts one of the largest high school Latin programs in the country as well as a body of continuously awarded teachers. The Department stands behind a shared vision: that [our] students will come away from their High School education with the view that all knowledge is by nature connected, and that they will be able to use Latin throughout their lives as a key instrument in discovering the links that tie all the great intellectual disciplines together.

Black History Month Kick-Off

Williamsburg Charter High School celebrates Black History 2015. The first social event, Line Dancing, was used to kick off our celebration. Other events will include forums, a movie night, a talent show, an awards program, and an African American Heritage Festival.

National School Choice Week

Music: "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)

PD Stars

Mr. Colon, Ms. Mohammed, Ms. Camela and Ms. Ambrosio successfully completed a professional development seminar at NY Tech on math, literacy, and technology integration. A truly dedicated group!

Olympic Mentality

On Friday, February 6th, students were treated with a presentation by the Olympic gold medal winner, Derrick Adkins, in which the track star explained what it takes to have a winning attitude.

Street Art

Students in the Drawing and Painting class braved the cold to spray paint their stencils. For more photos of the lesson and student works, visit the WCHS Facebook Page.

Walking for Sickle Cell Anemia

On Saturday, September 20, 2014, New York City held its 16th Annual Sickle Cell Walk in Central Park. Friends and family came out in the sunny weather to show their support. Among the supporters, The students of Williamsburg Charter High School, not only showed their support, but volunteered throughout the day handing out water bottles and cheering on the walkers. Most importantly, the WCHS students supported one of their peers who suffers from this ongoing disease. Seeing that type of support shows how much heart our WCHS students have.

Sickle Cell Anemia is a hereditary blood disorder that mostly affects people of African ancestry and also people from other ethnic groups including people who are Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. More than 2 million Americans are affected by this disease.

Mr. Santiago and Ms. Johnson would like to thank the WCHS students who volunteered to come and support for the awareness of Sickle Cell, Way to go, Charter!

Deaf Alum Interviewed

Bianca Selena Mendoza, a 2013 graduate, was featured in a USA Today article (9/28/14) that discusses the challenges met by deaf students in college.

USA Today Article

Our Own Hometown Hero

WCHS's speech pathologist, Dena Levin, was nominated for the 2014 Daily News Hometown Heroes in Education Award. Read the article below (6/25/14).

Daily News Article


WCHS Fights Against AIDS

AIDS WALK NY was held on Sunday, May 18th in Central Park and drew over 30,000 walkers. This year Team Believe came in strong raising $1,649 for the Gay Mens Health Crisis Organization (GMHC), which fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected. WCHS students raised money by selling AIDS awareness pins, bracelets and also having a bake sale. We had over 40 members of our team which included students, staff, and family members that walked 6.5 Miles representing our school pride.

WCHS Students Volunteer in the Fight Against Diabetes

The annual Diabetes Expo, presented by Healthfirst, was held on Saturday, March 15 at the Jacob Javits Center and drew over 10,000 attendees. This event was for all the people affected by diabetes and anyone interested in learning how to live healthy and and to actively change the future of diabetes. A handful of our students volunteered as Registration Officers from 9 AM - 5 PM and assisted with checking in participants and handing out participant packages.

Beginning Choir: Building Bridges

On Tuesday, January 7th, Beginning Choir took a trip to Mott Hall Bridges Academy (a Middle School in Brownsville) to sing for their monthly assembly. One of the students in our choir is a recent graduate from Mott Hall, and she helped facilitate the planning of the event. Singing at a Middle School gave our Beginning Choir students a wonderful opportunity to step outside of being the youngest people in school and to remember that they, too, can be roll models. The students performed three of the Folk songs that we had studied during the semester, and then stayed after to answer questions from the Middle School students about what it is like to sing in High School, how prepared they were to enter a High School choir, and what things are important to think about as you transition from Middle School to High School. Ms. Levi and Ms. Alcántara were extremely impressed with the thoughtful responses our students gave, and with their performance. We have invited their choir to come sing for us this spring and to take a tour of our school and it is our hope that this will be the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Mott Hall Bridges Academy.

Students Go Behind the "Stage Doors"

Stage Doors is a project based arts education program that includes the viewing of a Broadway show or off Broadway show. Theatre Development Fund (TDF) provides, at no cost to the school, a teaching artist and the tickets to the designated Broadway or Off Broadway show. The classroom project, which is central to the program, is designed by the classroom teacher and the teaching artist to serve as a preparation for the Broadway show. It is primarily an opportunity to engage the students in the creative process using a hands-on approach. After working with Rapheal Peacock, the teaching artist from TDF, our group of students attended Matilda the Musical, the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, on October 30th.

Advanced Choir Sings at Yolanda Lopez Senior Center

On Thursday, October 24th, the 20 members of the WCHS Advanced Choir (and Ms. Levi and Ms. Pritzker) walked the half-mile from school to the Yolanda Lopez Senior Center where we performed for an enthusiastic audience. The students have been working hard to prepare music for their Winter Concert on December 12th, but wanted to have an opportunity to share their music with a larger portion of the surrounding community.


Though this performance was almost 2 full months before our concert, students were able to perform 5 of their 8 songs without music (and without a piano accompanying them!). The crowd was so pleased with the performance that they asked us for an encore. Because we didn't have any songs they hadn't already heard, they asked us to sing the Star Spangled Banner a second time.

Most of the audience members spoke Chinese, so one of the members of the staff translated our program notes to them. A few were Spanish-speaking as well, so one of our fluent Spanish-speaking students translated as well. As a result, each song was introduced in English, Chinese, and Spanish -- a true reflection of the diversity of this neighborhood.

After our performance, one of the most enthusiastic audience members took time to speak to all of the students after the concert to share his words of wisdom and some of his stories. Another audience member asked us to wait while she went up to her apartment, and she returned with bags full of Halloween candy for all of the students.

Students reported that they were surprised at the friendly reception, and at how nervous they were to perform before we began. They have also expressed interest in returning to perform on a regular basis and we are hoping that this will be the beginning of a long-standing relationship between the choir and the Senior Center.

Nutrition Students Visit Roberta's Urban Farm

On Thursday, October 17th, 2013, Mr. Heyman, Ms.Gaffney and three other WCHS teachers accompanied over 40 Nutritional Science students to tour the urban farm located in the backyard of Roberta's Pizza restaurant.


Melissa, the manager of the farm greeted the group and led them past the newly planted redwood trees on the sidewalk to the growing area. Apple trees, tomato plants, basil leaves and sweet smelling flowers surrounded the students as they took their seats.

Melissa explained that even though only a small percentage of the food served at Roberta's is grown in the garden; all the plants there are raised without any fertilizers or pesticides. The owners of the restaurant feel strongly about this, she said, because "what ends up on your food ends up in you". Students were then allowed to sample some of the pungent flowers and leaves that were growing in the recycled shipping crates.

The group was led over to the lawn area that was covered in a tent. Maintaining a lawn in this environment requires a tremendous amount of water and when it was first installed the water bill for Roberta's doubled. To counteract the cost, the gardening team installed a grey water system that collects condensation from air conditioners. The condensation is collected into large barrels and used to water the lawn. Plans are in the works to install an even more extensive system where the rainwater is also collected and used to water the crops grown in the backyard.

Throughout the tour, curious students asked questions and were enlightened on topics that involved growing food. Some were shocked to learn that the average farm is over 400 acres in size -- quite the leap from ¼ acre that makes up Roberta's backyard.

The field trip was a great success. Students were educated on environmental issues by an expert in urban farming, witnessed green engineering and real recycling in action, were exposed to exotic edible plants growing right in Bushwick, and even got to sample some of the bounty!


Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez Visits

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez visited the Williamsburg Charter High School on Thursday, May 2, 2013. She was accompanied by her Community Coordinator, Ms. Evelyn Cruz. Together, led by two students and staff and administrators, Congresswoman Velazquez toured the School observing all aspects of school life and discussing WCHS's academic program.


The tour kicked off in a Latin classroom where the Congresswoman and Ms. Cruz observed classroom instruction and participated in the class, reciting Latin words and phrases and attempting translations along with students. Latin instruction is a cornerstone of WCHS's curriculum and provides valuable insight into the uniqueness of WCHS's academic program.

Next, the group made their way to a forensics class in which the Congresswoman took the opportunity to address the students regarding the value of education and the importance of taking advantage of WCHS's academic resources and the support offered by the School's many positive role models. She talked about her own educational experience to the class, urging students to see their education as she has seen hers: as a method of transcendence, an avenue through which to create opportunities for oneself and a way to take control of one's future. Students listened intently, soaking up the Congresswoman's advice.

The group proceeded to visit the cafeteria and was met by a gregarious group of students participating in a heated debate about professional sports. Both the Congresswoman and Ms. Cruz witnessed the decorum and passion of the students. Together the group discussed the many uses of the School's cafeteria which, in addition to five daily lunch periods, also showcases theater, dance, and musical performances.

Walking through the lobby, the Congresswoman and Ms. Cruz viewed the art work on display from the School's art show. They took a moment to meet one of WCHS's veteran, studio art instructors and learn about the arts curriculum, while also observing the ceramics class that was in session.

The tour concluded in front of the gymnasium and weight room as the visitors were given a detailed explanation of the use of funds provided by the Carol White Grant, a U.S. Department of Education grant awarded to WCHS in 2009 that Congresswoman Velazquez was instrumental in helping the School obtain. The grant has provided countless students with access to state-of-the-art weight and resistance training equipment, personalized fitness training, and a wealth of knowledge on healthy eating and living.

WCHS is grateful to Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and Community Coordinator, Evelyn Cruz, for the time that they took to visit and tour our School and for their interest and efforts supporting youth development in New York's 7th Congressional District.

WCHS Broadcasts Live on Open Line with Bob Slade

On March 10, 2013, WCHS was invited to participate in "Open Line" with Bob Slade on 105.7 WBLS to discuss charter schools in the New York City area. The radio show was recorded live and broadcasted throughout the tri-state area. It was an invaluable opportunity to promote the School to a huge audience as well as a great honor to be chosen to represent the charter school community in New York City. WCHS was joined by the Principal of Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School, as well as James Merriman, CEO of the New York City Charter School Center. Karina Infante, WCHS's student representative, a junior who has an interest in pursuing a future in broadcasting, did a great job. Listen to the broadcast below.

Latin Program Wows Language Conference Attendees

WCHS Latin teacher, Stephan Dukofsky, was invited to participate in the North East Conference for the Teaching of Foreign Language. This year's conference was held at the Waterfront Marriot Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Dukofsky explained that "on average the conference is attended by 1,500 language teachers from the North East, who present an average of 200 lectures and conferences ranging from Spanish to Mandarin, in a three day period...About 30 Latin teachers were in attendance and were awarded their own personal conference room." Mr. Dukofsky presented a lecture entitled From the Streets to the Elite in English and Iter Museicum, presented entirely in Latin. Iter Museicum is an interactive tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Roman Galleries.


Conference attendees were fascinated with the presentations and impressed by the scope of WCHS's Latin program. In response to a thank you email sent by Mr. Dukofsky, Rebecca Kline, Executive Director of the conference, wrote, "I was delighted to have both your sessions on our program for teachers of Latin (and other languages) this year, the Latin Suite [WCHS's Latin Program] serves as model for other language groups with similar needs." WCHS is very proud of its Latin program, and is extremely lucky to have brilliant scholars like Mr. Dukofsky and his colleagues in the Latin Department who continue to propel this truly unique language program forward.