The commute traversed by the student body attending the Williamsburg Charter High School campus, located in the trendy and artistic Williamsburg/Bushwick area of Brooklyn, is one that serves to inspire with its painted buildings and walls.

Taking a mental and physical approach to teaching the wide variety of materials and techniques offered at the WCHS, the Visual Arts department strives to cultivate every student's creative process. By offering a solid foundation and a varied course selection, students are truly able to choose their own artistic path.

With its outstanding studio facilities, as well as a talented, dynamic and dedicated teaching staff, the WCHS provides students with a competitive course catalogue and a college level curriculum designed to empower students with the ability to compete with New York City's best and brightest art students. The combination of an extensive array of materials and opportunities, enables students to create artwork showcasing their talents, skills and abilities -- a forum that allows their voices to be seen and heard.

All WCHS students are required to meet the New York State graduation requirement of earning 2.00 credits in Art. Students who earn 10.00+ credits in the Arts have the opportunity to receive the Chancellor's Arts Endorsed Diploma.

WCHS Visual Arts Course Catalogue

Studio Art is the foundational course in the visual art sequence which serves to introduce students to the elements of art and principles of design. Through experimentation with various forms of media, students are shown the multitude of paths their artistic journeys may take. Studio Art is the required prerequisite for all Visual Arts courses offered at the WCHS. (1.00 credit)

Drawing & Painting expands on the foundation established in Studio Art. In this course, students work towards mastering drawing and painting techniques using a wide variety of mediums. (1.00 credit)

Advanced Drawing & Painting takes students further into the discipline with a focus on technique and manipulation of materials, honing their talents and skills to create larger scale and more in-depth works of art. (1.00 credit)

3D Design sees students, from conception to construction, applying their artistic foundation by using wide range of materials and techniques to create sculptural forms while learning about the Art Historical references to each topic covered. (1.00 credit)

Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics provides the WCHS community with a fully stocked ceramic production studio, equipped with pottery wheels, a kiln, a slab roller and the ability to create their own clay and glazes. In this two part offering, students produce functional pottery, tiles, sculptures and much more. (1.00 credit)

AP (Advanced Placement) Studio Art is a college level course which prepares students with a professional portfolio. Students work towards creating a cohesive body of work for submission to the AP Board for review. Below are links to the AP Central: AP Studio Art Exam pages. This is a yearlong course and students are required complete the full year to receive credit. (2.00 credits)

The AP Studio Art Drawing Portfolio
The AP Studio Art 2-D Design Portfolio
The AP Studio Art 3-D Design Portfolio