Williamsburg Charter High School is dedicated to maintaining a presence in the local community. In order to accomplish this goal the School regularly hosts events that welcome the input and collaborative efforts of local businesses, community organizations, and members of the neighborhood community.

Newtown Creek Alliance

WCHS is proud of its relationship with Newtown Creek Alliance, a local organization that advocates for the continued improvement of this historical and ecologically priceless waterway. The Alliance also provides educational opportunities to schools, and the community, as well as walking and boating tours. As part of this relationship, we have and will continue to host events on their behalf, helping to strengthen citizen's ties to the Creek and promote its value to the Brooklyn, Queens and beyond.

DHS & Evergreen

WCHS was thrilled to host the Department of City Planning ("DHS") and Evergreen for a forum designed to solicit feedback from the local community on ways to improve the North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone ("IBZ"). Topics like environmental resiliency, job growth, safety, and infrastructure were discussed. Local residents, business owners, workers and property owners were present as well as elected officials Antonio Reynoso (City Council District 34) and Joseph Lentol (Assembly District 50). The evening was extremely productive, providing critical insight into a DHS study that will improve quality of life and the ability to do business in the local community. We welcome back DHS and Evergreen anytime!