The ELA Department

The English Language Arts Department at Williamsburg Charter High School aims to instill an appreciation for the power of the written and spoken word through a variety of courses. These courses are designed to equip and prepare scholars not only to be “Regents Ready” but also introduce them to the critical thinking, inquiry, writing, research, reading, and analytical skills necessary to make sense of the world around them.

By developing and refining their analytical and argumentative skills, students will learn to process and apply meaningful information in order to inform their own opinions and contribute to their community and world.

All students are required to successfully complete four years of English Language Arts and pass the New York State Common Core English Language Arts Regents with a minimum of 65 in order to graduate.

All 9-12th grade courses are organized by quarterly units that develop the following skills:

  • Quarter 1: Literary and Rhetorical Analysis
  • Quarter 2: Argumentation
  • Quarter 3: Research and Synthesis
  • Quarter 4: Reading and Writing for the Real World

The English Language Arts Department offers the following courses:

  • English 1-2 (9th grade)
  • English 2H (offered only in Spring)
  • English 3-4 (10th grade)
  • English 3-4H
  • English 5-6 (11th grade)
  • English 5-6H
  • English 7-8 /Critical Perspectives (12th grade)
  • Literacy
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition

We look forward to engaging in meaningful discourse with our scholars!