The Williamsburg Charter High School Mathematics Department is dedicated to providing our students with the most comprehensive and technologically advanced mathematics curriculum at our current capacity. To help us achieve this goal we have worked to align the curriculum to the common core standards and we incorporate the continued use of the Promethean Board and TI-84 Graphing calculators. We have included a link at the bottom to download a free Graphing calculator emulator for your home computer.

In the Math Department, we have strived to provide many opportunities for students to be successful in mathematics by offering math classes specifically designed with varied pacing. We have also tried to offer elective courses that are designed to motivate and encourage all learners towards math literacy.

The WCHS Mathematics department is a very talented group of professional teachers who continually strive for mastery in their instruction. All our teachers can be reached through email and welcome the contribution and connection with their students' parents. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our teachers.

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