Community Resource Guide

At the Williamsburg Charter High School we believe in the importance of a healthy student physically, mentally and socially. We have a strong counseling department and social workers to provide support for our students in this mission. We also understand that sometimes students may need extra support in making them well-balanced individuals in order to be successful in reaching their goals. We have compiled a list of resources that we strongly believe are helpful and important for students. These resources will benefit students who might need either more one-on-one support or support for specific concerns beyond what can be addressed by our counseling staff.


This manual has been compiled by members of the WCHS community for use by its community as guidance. None of the information included in this manual should be relied upon for any purpose including legal, medical or social services. Before making any decisions, you should always call and conduct your own inquiry based on your personal situation. In addition WCHS cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information as any information in this manual, including times, addresses and scope of services, may change at any time. We hope you find this manual helpful and informative.


Miembros de la comunidad de la WCHS ha compilado este manual para el uso de su comunidad como orientación. No se debe usar la información que se encuentra en este manual para ningún propósito incluyendo servicios legales, médicos o sociales. Antes de tomar alguna decisión, siempre deber llamar y llevar a cabo su propia investigación basado en su situación personal. Además, la WCHS no podrá ser responsable por la exactitud de la información debido a que la información en este manual, incluyendo horarios, direcciones, y el alcance de los servicios, podría cambiar. Esperamos que encuentren este manual útil e informativo.