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A message from our parent coordinator

Welcome Scholars & Families,

 I hope you had a safe and wonderful summer. As we gear up for another exciting school year, I’m excited to assure that my purpose here at Williamsburg Charter High School as your Parent Coordinator is to serve as a help and resource to your family. Coming into 2019-2020 school year, I encourage all parents to communicate creative ideas, workshop, fundraisers ideas and concerns that you may have regarding your child’s education. My role in partnership with the Head of School is to facilitate support networks and workshops of interest for you.


I know that TOGETHER we can do it. When a parent/guardian has a problem or concern, where does one go to resolve it? I plan to serve as a key resource for you throughout the school year to provide you with the assistance and tools you will need to help make your child’s school experience a positive and productive one.

Parent Involvement

Our scholar’s progress continues to be successful when parents are involved. Each child that walks through the halls of Williamsburg Charter is supported by a team of educators dedicated to inspiring young minds. We strive to provide every student with the tools needed to have a positive and enriching future. For a successful school year, active parents are key to strengthening the school’s progress, our families, and your child’s education.

Parent workshops

Parenting is one of the toughest job. To help support and assist parents in balancing family life, a calendar will be available the first day of school. Please take the time to view my upcoming workshops that I have scheduled. The goal is to have more engaging workshops that support family values and what is important to you.


Melody Pink, Parent Coordinator

You can reach me by phone at 718-782-9830 ext. 2095 or via email at

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