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Students will not be required to wear uniform shirts during remote learning. We are requiring uniforms for in-person instruction. If you are unable to get a uniform shirt by the start of school, please wear a black shirt.

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community covenant

Williamsburg Charter High School is a uniform school. All students must follow the posted uniform policies as listed in the Community Covenant.

School Emergency Response Procedures

In our continued efforts to create a safe learning environment for your child, we have developed Lock-Down procedures to respond to an emergency on or around the school campus.  Activating the Lock-Down procedures will stop all movement within the school and all perimeter doors will be locked.  During this process, no one will be able to enter the school building or grounds.  We will have a school representative available to meet with you outside of the school while the building is locked.  These periodic drills, along with monthly fire drills, on in-person instructional days ensure that students and staff are familiar with the school’s safety procedures.  Due to COVID-19, students will practice social distancing by wearing face coverings and staying 6 feet apart during drills. In the event of an actual fire or lockdown, it may not be possible to socially distance. 

Please contact  if you have questions or to comment on the safety plan. You can also join us at the next board meeting for additional information.